Voice Control

From homes to retail to commercial environments, NXP is enabling ubiquitous voice control. NXP solutions are offering more accessibility to affordable technology with MCU-optimized, out-of-box acoustics, audio, and voice components featuring seamless connectivity and superior security options.

With you all the way from evaluation to production.

Bringing Voice Everywhere

Optimized MCU based BOM for voice control
Low cost voice platform integrates all IP needed for adding voice control
Wake Word, Local and Cloud Commands, and Natural Language Understanding
Near and Far Field Support on both cloud based and offline voice control

Technology Under the Hood


Audio Board, MEMS microphones and audio amplifier on back side

NOR Flash

Embedded Wi-Fi

i.MX RT Crossover Processor

Optional Secure Element

System on Module

Benefits and advantages of NXP Voice Control Solution

Complete, certified audio and acoustics solution

Cost-effective and efficient compact MCU-based voice control

Incorporates latest voice-assistant features and capabilities

Seamless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability

Robust, best-in-class integrated security options