NXP Machine Learning Anomaly Detection

Integral to the IoT is the concept of sensors or edge nodes being programmed—or “trained”— to detect and report issues, based upon information extracted from vibrations, acoustics, pressure, etc.
NXP simplifies this process by providing a framework that handles the complexities of sensor sampling, feature extraction and machine learning.

With you all the way from evaluation to production.

The Edge of Automation

Optimized for smart appliance and machine / home / building condition monitoring

Production grade machine learning platform for IoT development

Supports industry standard OpenCV machine learning algorithms

One platform for Machine Learning from concept to implementation

Technology Under the Hood



PIR Sensor

RHT Sensor

Motion sensors and pressure sensor (on bottom of board)

Ambient Light Sensor

VOC Air Quality Sensor


MEMS Mic Port

USB Type C

By combining microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensing, advanced MCUs, and machine learning, NXP solutions enable:

Machine condition monitoring & anomaly detection

Environmental awareness

Improved security for homes, offices, and factories

Structural monitoring