Voice Recognition

Our MCU-optimized, out-of-box acoustics, audio, and voice components featuring seamless connectivity and superior security options are bringing voice control to a broader range of applications.
  • Complete and certified audio and acoustics solution
  • Cost-effective and efficient compact MCU-based voice control
  • Latest voice-assistant features and capabilities
  • Seamless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Robust, best-in-class integrated security options
  • Fastest possible time to market
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Vision Technologies

NXP Solutions offer comparative simplicity and affordability with MCU-based vision technologies that make facial recognition and object detection a truly accessible resource.
  • Cost-effective and reliable MCU-based facial recognition
  • Seamless WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Robust, best-in-class integrated security options
  • Confidence to production experience
  • Significant system bill of materials (BOM) savings
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Anomaly Detection

By combining microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensing, advanced MCUs, and machine learning, NXP solutions enable:
  • Machine condition monitoring & anomaly detection
  • Environmental awareness
  • Improved security for homes, offices, and factories
  • Structural monitoring
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Markets & Applications

Smart Appliances

  • Smart Washing Machine
  • Smart Refrigerator
  • Smart Oven / Range / Cooktop
  • Smart Microwave
  • Smart Coffee Maker
  • Smart Dish washer
  • Smart HVAC
  • Smart Dehumidifier
  • Smart Vacuum
  • Smart Multicooker

Smart Industry

  • Factory Automation
  • Safety Monitoring
  • Object Detection
  • Factory Access Control
  • Process Monitoring
  • Machine Monitoring
  • Manufacturing Test
  • Pipeline Distribution (Monitoring)

Smart Retail

  • Point of Sale Machines
  • Smart Inventory Management
  • Lighting Automation
  • Security Monitoring
  • Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs)
  • Beacons
  • Smart Kiosks / Vending Machines
  • Unmanned Store
  • Lock / Access Control

Smart Home

  • Home Security
  • Home Monitoring
  • Home Automation
  • Smart Locks / Home Access Control
  • Smart Lighting / Lighting Controls
  • Smart Fans
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Smart Smoke Detector
  • Smart (Window) Shades/Blinds/Shutters
  • Smart Garage Door Opener
  • Smart Irrigation Controller
  • Smart Set Top Box / Media Streamer
  • Smart TV
  • Smart Faucet / Shower Head
  • Smart Speakers